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Website Translation Services at AventA Translation Сompany: More Than Just Translation and Localization | Оборудование для синхронного перевода и презентаций

Website Translation Services at AventA Translation Сompany: More Than Just Translation and Localization

Дек 07

Website translation services means more than just translating text. It is the complete transformation of a website to appeal to members of another culture. While harnessing the power of the internet is the most efficient means of reaching customers across the globe, unless a website is translated, a company cannot realize the potential of the world market. Those companies that embrace website translation quickly will reap the rewards of the global marketplace. There has never been a better time for your organization to look overseas for expansion.

Website translation is the fastest way for you to reach more customers all over the world.

  • Website Translation Services at AventA Translation СompanyRecent studies show 67% of Internet users around the world prefer websites written in a language other than English — yet less than 25% of all websites offer a version other than English.
  • Only 1/3 of Internet users speak English – You are missing out on 2/3 of your potential market.
  • Your market could be the whole world.

Translate Your Website — Why Now is a Good Time For Website Translation

  • You will instantly market your products and services around the world
  • Most companies are not using the power of the internet to its fullest extent
  • Nearly 75% of U.S. companies on the web generate less than 10% of their e-commerce revenue from outside the United States
  • When you globalize your website, you immediately increase your potential customer base
  • Simple web pages, online catalogs and full-service ordering sites in other languages make it easy for non-English speaking customers to get the information they need about your products or services

Website Translation Service — How Much Will it Cost?

The cost depends upon the following criteria:

  • Language combination (English to Spanish, English to Japanese, etc.)
  • Number of source or target words
  • Number of pages in your website
  • Format of the document
  • Time in which it needs to be completed